Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Food Fairy Came!

Oh, joy of joys! My cousin, Carol, who lives in Minneapolis but grew up in this region, came to visit her parents this week and offered to fetch me my fancy liberal groceries! On Monday, she sent me an email: "Needing organic this-and-that? Place your order now." What a gem! I gave her some very general guidelines (organic apples being the most urgent) and she came through with this:

Carol, on the right, with her mother, Eileen
7 organic bananas
14 organic apples (Braeburn & Fiji)
1 pint organic blueberries
1 lb. organic strawberries
1 lb. organic limes
2 lbs. organic cherries
2 cucumbers
2 organic beef ribeye steaks
2 organic beef hamburger patties
2 organic boneless, skinless chix breasts
8 Jamaican ginger beers (for Moscow Mules, my fave summer cocktail)
12 whole wheat handmade tortillas
3 organic bell peppers (orange, yellow, red)
5 lbs. organic red potatoes
4 big bottles of Pelligrino
2 big bottles of Perrier
Joe Joe's chocolate cookies
Alba Cocoa Butter hand & body lotion

Came to about $96 - well worth it, and certainly better than the selection here.


And speaking of shopping, I scored the other day at the local thrift store, which is bountiful and incredibly organized.

Although I did manage to resist the the local fashions...

I did return to SCRANCH with a bounty of goods:

2 fancy rugs for the shed
fuzzy brown bathrobe with matching slippers
frying pan
knitted white afghan

All for $68!


In other news, I got a new (meaning Brent scavenged) BBQ for SCRANCH HQ! Of course, after he did some Frankenstein action on it, the darn thing was carried over by frontloader, which we call "the barrel" - short for wheelbarrow. (When I said, "I need a wheelbarrow" I was told, "We have one" and was directed to this giant machine.)

Let the grilling begin!


Heidi's heart said...

I always think it's strange that in the middle of the country, where you're surrounded by farmland, the grocery stores have such a lousy selection of fresh produce. Go figure.

Heather Clisby said...

Yes, it's painfully ironic. Most people have gardens so they get their fresh produce that way but the rest of the year, it is pretty slim pickings.