Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bugs & Bikers

Garden is in! All seeds are put to bed and now begins Triple W of farming - waiting, weeding and worrying.

Already, my Dakota Black popcorn arisen, plus squash, watermelons, lettuce, peas and onions. In all honesty, I've totally bitten off more than I can chew - although I chew an awful lot. The plot is ginormous but with this many plants - 50 varieties of 18 vegetables/fruits and/or herbs - surely something will come up, right?

Not the measles
Most days, I am faced with a choice: Do garden work in the heat of day when the mosquitoes are quiet? Or wait until evening, when it is cooler but during the bug commute? This week, I got (earned?) a touch of heat stroke (persistent headache, slightly dizzy) even as I was being ravaged by the bloodthirsty bastards. I'd really feel like I was earning my paycheck if there was one.

Anyway, rain is forecast over the next few days - fingers crossed - so that will bring some temperature relief but alas, more bugs. Some days you can't win for losing.


Last weekend, the nearby town of Cavalier hosted the 17th annual, "Little Sturgis of the North" motorcycle rally. I'd skipped it last summer but curiousity won out this year. It seemed like a well-attended festival, with tons of beautiful motorcycles and lots of nice folks celebrating a lifestyle they love in gorgeous weather:

I want one - dog too.

It was fun to see such a tiny town infiltrated by so much chrome and leather. I hung out for about an hour, wolfed down a watermelon slice and root beer float, and headed back to the garden, which has become both Baby and Boss in my life.

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