Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back on the Farm

Giant bizarre machinery has returned to my life.
After seven months of gallivanting and two weeks of driving and visiting, I am finally back on the farm. To get here, I survived brutal hail storms three days in a row in two different states, and was pulled over for speeding just 8.4 miles from the farm (only a warning, thank god). I also was blessed with spectacular skies and the warm laughter of many friends along the way.

I love me some menacing clouds.

My Colorado visit was epic. I stopped in Crestone to see Miss Bliss and Nealio and grab me some blessings at the stupa. (Bliss and I did powerful work up there - some wheels be turnin'....)

"Hello, Universe? Um, is this thing on?"
And returning to the familiar folds of Hearthstone, my Colorado co-housing community, was such a boost of love and friendship. It was an amazing stroke of luck that was able to call this place home for nearly two years and my fortune has continued with their willingness to welcome me back again and again.

Hearthstone music night
Adam, Noah and Tracy, jammin' on the porch
Susan, Harriet and Scott, hanging at the Common House
Also, I caught up with the Kirkpatrick clan - Reid, Molly, Ben and Boudreaux - some of my favorite beings in the world. Again, they let me remain in the fold of their lives and I am so, so grateful. Not long after I left Ben and Molly became engaged so congrats to the happy couple!

This guy is happy because he is awesome.
Reid, Ben and Molly at Little Man Ice Cream

Boudreaux Kirkpatrick aka "Mr. Handsome"
Plus, I got to hang with my old pal, Amy, just as she was checking on her new hive - whee! She still calls herself a "newbie" when it comes to beekeeping but she taught me a ton. I am super grateful too all bee folk who help this crucial insect thrive in the face of a serious decrease in their populations.

Free to Bee Me!
While in Denver, I also accomplished a long-held goal: to lead a Listening Workshop. With the encouragement of my friend, Maria, who leads successful workshops of her own dealing with fear around climate change, I made it happen. There were just six attendees - exactly the amount I envisioned - for the 'beta' version of the workshop. Of course, it came together Hearthstone - where else would such an ambitious project begin? It went well enough that I was encouraged, so more to come.

Two of my hosts, Annika and Kiki
It all makes me wonder why I ever left such a beautiful place. Seriously, it seems crazy to me now. Oh wait, that's right, I remember, I left to come here and play organic farmer. Well, I removed the first wood tick from my body today so I guess the season has officially begun.

I've arrived smack in the middle of a planting frenzy. Though the skies are clear, the air is thick with harried stress. With the fields still wet and muddy, farmers face a race with the rain and the pending insurance deadlines. (Certain crops have 'must be planted by' dates or they face a percentage decrease in their pay.)

Brent seeding wheat.
I've cleaned out the shed where a lot of living gets done - music practice, yoga, writing, brainstorming, seed planting and such. Lots of dust rabbits (bigger than bunnies), mouse carcasses and oil stains to deal with but I enjoyed cranking up my 80s and 90s cassettes and settling in. After a long, filthy day, I treated myself to a sunset yoga session followed by a nice cold shower. (No hot water yet, sigh.)


The garden has been tilled (thanks to Brent) and I've got Glass Gem popcorn planted, plus some onions. I wanted to plant more today but winds are too high (25 mph) and I've got a meeting with the new head of the Chamber of Commerce anyway. Somehow, I've become the new lead for the Cavalier Farmers Market so we're going to make some changes, maybe move it from the park to main street for higher visibility and more customers.

The plot is 50' x 119' (6 of that are garlic rows) which never sounds very impressive when people ask me, "So how many acres do you farm?" (Sheepish answer: "One-tenth of an acre.") However, considering I am doing it all by the hand and hoe of yours truly, it is plenty acreage.

Trust me on this.

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