Friday, August 10, 2012

A Typical (Non) Average Day

My wildflowers have arrived!
I love it when cliches come true. To me, that means there is some small trace of order in the Universe, no matter how accidental it may be. The thing is, I do actually learn something new every day. For example, today I harvested an entire field of barley while operating this bad boy:

It actually growls.
It's terrifying at first, then meditative and then you start to think a combine cab might not make for such a bad office. Technically, it's still a cubicle but with a better view:

Brent had me do an entire field that is in a difficult culvert nearly overcome with weeds, so there really wasn't too much I could mess up. There are too many levers that do big, noisy things so it wasn't a perfect performance (Brent: "Stop. Stop! STOP!") but again, there's that learning curve.

I even had to square up the machine alongside the giant grain truck to unload the barley via the grain augur - the giant tube thing that sticks out the side:

I briefly considered the escape hatch...

And then I thought to myself, "What would John Deere say?"

But it was also a day of contemplation at my second favorite meditational spot, atop the grain bin:

Up there, I birthed thoughts such as, "What am I doing here? Where are the cabs? What do I do with all this food? How am I supposed to have a normal life? Why can't I be normal? What is normal anyway? Where, for the love of God, is my favorite yoga DVD?"

Alas, no answers - only questions today.

I also had to go check in on my neighborhood BFF, Evelyn, otherwise, she gets mad.

From the Hamilton Fair in July - in my cowboy hat.
Off I went so she could say, "Welcome home from New York!" and "Have a safe trip to Denver!" all in the same visit. She's tired of me photographing her so I just took a shot of the various barn cats that I love to cuddle:

While visiting Evelyn, I decided to bring along my peas to shell. Brent says they are not real peas, only the random fruit of the flower, Sweet Peas, but hey, I grew 'em, so I'm eating 'em. They're my babies and they'll always be peas to me.

I had interrupted Evelyn while she was partaking in that great NoDak pastime - canning. Or, in this case, pickling. She says when I get back from Denver, she will begin lessons in her kitchen, since my kitchen is really an extended hot plate with a tiny sink. Makes me sad. I dream about kitchen counters these days, a lot.

Not many city people know this but cucumbers do in fact become...


And gorgeous sunrises become...


... beautiful sunsets.


Diane Drake said...

Love reading about what you're up to -- sometimes I even imagine I'm there with you! Miss you, love you, totally admire you! xoxo DiDi

Heather Clisby said...

Oh, Diane, you would love it. It would be so fun to show you around. The thrift stores are incredible, so many antiques that are in mint condition.

Melissa said...

Hi Heather -- I was at your table at BlogHer -- I am loving your blog -- I have yet to find out what inspired this incredible adventure of yours -- but I am loving the virtual ride. Melissa.

Heather Clisby said...

Hey Melissa. Thanks so much for reading. What inspired me what the combination of my interest and concern about our food, the access to this land and my online career. It was a perfect recipe for exploring so here I am. Here is the first post, which might help explain further: