Thursday, August 16, 2012

Smile Train Shows: Mid-Week Update

Me with Out of the Basement and Intentionally Left Blank.
This week, I'm in Denver for a string of comedy improv benefit shows for the cleft repair charity Smile Train. My comedy husband, Steve Loukas, and I put these on - this year is the 5th annual - and they get bigger every time. What began with one show at one theater with one group back in 2008 has turned in to 7 shows at 2 theaters with multiple groups and performers. Not including this year, we've raised enough funds for 32+ kids, which is wonderful.

Me and Steve after last year's shows. We're SO TIRED.
Though this whole campaign was originally my idea, Steve is really the lynch pin - securing the venues, herding the performers, printing tickets, updating the sites and always, always, always thinking about how we can improve it next year. I do a lot too but sometimes, it's all I can do to hold on to the tiger's tail. 

Tuesday night's cast of 'Gay v. Str8t' - it was sold out!
Because I'm technically now a North Dakota farmer and not a Denver urbanite, I hired Kirk's super smart daughter, Molly, to be my eyes and ears, arms and legs (only more toned) - which worked out great. I wish I were stinking rich so I could hire her permanently but alas, the world needs her more than I and she's blazing trails in the nursing world.

Me with Awesome Kirk Spawn - Molly and Jay
Meanwhile, we are 3 shows into this year's effort and have already raised $1,420! This will fund facial corrective surgery for at least 5 kids, which makes me happier than I can say. Because I went through so many facial corrective surgeries as a child (approx. 25), this is a very personal issue to me. The world's daunting problems - cancer, hunger, war, disease - overwhelm me sometimes, but this is one problem with a relatively easy fix - 45 minute surgery as low as $250 per kid. DONE.

We still have 4 shows left at the Avenue Theater (I will perform in at least 2 and host at least 1) and tickets are still available here. If you can't come to the shows but would still like to donate, please go

Awesome new logo by Lisa Friedman.

Come next Monday, I head back to the farm. Meantime, pray for rain! 

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