Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I've Arrived!

After an incredible Barnyard Bash (post/photos to come soon!) on Friday night, followed by an intense day and half of packing and cleaning, followed by another two intense days of all-day driving across long, remote distances, I am finally here.

In my drink holder.
Both Kirk and I are completely exhausted. It has been tough, tough, tough.

Every day, I drag my body out of bed, stupified at how tired I am but there is still a glimmer of excitement of what lies ahead.

Namely, more work, mostly physical. I may even have some muscles by the end of it.

In a few moments, Kirk and I will meet Brent down at the Quonset hut on the farm. Hopefully, it will be mostly empty and we will unload the 17-foot U-Haul - the very same one that blew TWO inside tires yesterday outside Jamestown.

Another "burn pile" going up - quite common.
The truck is packed solid and I'm pretty sure that once we roll up that metal door, it will all come tumbling down. Ironically, so much of that stuff are bits of furniture, kitchen aids and keepsakes that I originally liberated from North Dakota anyway. (My bureau, in fact, was extracted from the farm house years ago, driven to Los Angeles, then San Francisco, then Denver, and now is back, mere feet from its original spot.)

Note the duct tape band-aid.
Once we unload every last scrap of my worldly goods, we will head down to Grand Forks, turn in the U-Haul and go camper shopping, again. Since my truck probably isn't tough enough to pull anything over 2500 lbs., Brent kindly suggested, "Just take one of my pick-ups."

Up here, people have mulitple pick-ups for a variety of lifestyle demands. Brent has a really nice one just for "weddings and funerals."

Keep fingers crossed that I find what I am looking for. I've got my eye on a camper in Fargo (about 78 miles south of Grand Forks) but I need to see it in person.

My first NoDak sunset as a citizen.
 Tomorrow: Planting Day!

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Diane Drake said...

So excited for you & the adventures you'll have! Love you! DiDi