Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Farm Shots: Issue 1

With my twitchy shutterbug finger and senses all aflutter, my stockpile of photographs is seriously backed-up so here's a random sampling of life around the farm. I'm still settling in and discovering the pros/cons of living here. I love, love, LOVE opening up my camper door every morning and being greeted with an endless sea of green, blue sky to infinity and happy, chatty birdsong.

But for what they serve as "Mexican food" around here, I think at least a few arrests should be made. 

Taken at my neighbor's place up the road.

Free farming lessons! Here, Brent is explaining how to read a tractor print-out. Each color denotes a different type of seed.

My fancy front porch where I "entertain."
My laundromat in Cavalier, about 17 miles away.
Something snapped in my steering column and my truck, Jack, had to be hauled away for about a week. No problem. "Just grab one of the other trucks that are sitting around," says Brent. And I did.
I was thrilled to see local produce in the grocery store. Park River is only about 33 miles from this store in Cavalier.
A long-time resident hanging out in "the shop."
Using my new Green Heron shovel to plant some "volunteers", tomato sprouts from last year's crop that popped up again in Manny and Eldean's yard. "Take some!" they said. So I did.
This was the scene outside my kitchen window the other morning. Changing a tire on something like this is a two-man job.
Brent only resided the parts of the barn that face the main road, Hwy 55. Even out here, perception is reality.
The old church, part of my grandfather's museum here on the farm, needs some love.
I've certainly got more images than I do accurate words to describe them. It's beautiful here but it's only June. July is coming with its famously oppressive heat and bug swarms. I hope I toughen up before then.

Oh! I almost forgot...

My Dakota Black Popcorn made an appearance today! Welcome, my sweet babies! Can't wait to harvest you in the fall.

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