Saturday, June 23, 2012

When in Doubt, Look Up

I'm not gonna lie. There are moments when I wonder what it is I am doing here.

Yesterday evening, I was so tired and grumpy, covered in insect bites and staring at my camper toilet that will not flush. Facing reality, I grabbed a shovel and went into the field, looking for the best spot to dig a hole. I never thought all that pooping in the African bush ("going to the bog") would come in handy but there ya go. It's not the first time, I have pulled from past experience here in NoDak.

Anyway, I have to believe that I am here for a reason and even in my heart, which is missing family, friends and Kirk so much, knows that it may all be clear someday, even if it's not today.

One day, Brent looked over at one of the grain bins and said, "Now why is that roof door open? Must be all the wind." Then, I watched the big man scramble up the side, climb onto to the roof and shut it. When he came down, he said, "Good view of your garden up there. You should take pictures."

And so I did. Except that I almost didn't. I started to go up the ladder, got to the top and then remembered that I am afraid of heights. So I came back down, walked a few steps away and heard my inner voice yell, "Chicken!"

Not sure if I've ever made this clear but my inner voice belongs to a 9-year-old boy who is an asshole. 

So now, every week, I manage to lug my ass to the top of the bin and get a few aerial shots of the garden. These were taken June 13:

Western side, facing North
Eastern side, facing North
While I was up there, I grabbed a few shots of the farm:

Facing south

Facing west

Facing east - my trailer is now parked in front of the house.

I took some shots a few days ago, June 20, showing some progress, though still hard to tell:

 This shot cracked up me up:

Evidently, when Kirk planted the lettuce, both ends of the seed packet were open. "I wondered why I ran out of seeds so quickly!" So, we'll have a big giant tuft of lettuce outside the approved lines - heavens!


My favorite conversation from last week:

Brent: "I need a favor."
Me: "I owe you about 6,000 favors so yes, please start cashing in." 
Brent: "Well, I need to store a body."
Me: "Somehow, I always knew this question would come to me. I just never thought it'd be here." 
Brent: "Not sure how you feel about that..."
Me: "Hey, if it means company, I'm all for it. Plus, I'll bet he's a good listener." 

A friend of Brent's had died in a motorcycle accident and the son wanted the hearse stored overnight somewhere for fear of .... not sure. Anyway, in the end, the son changed his mind so no stiff guests for me.

But if anyone out there needs to hide a corpse, I have the space - dry ice not included.

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